Children’s Bible Reading – Week 11

Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt; the Egyptians are chasing after them! With the Red Sea staring them in the face, God parts the waters and they walk across on dry land. The Israelites celebrate with singing and dancing. Join in the celebration as we read from God’s Word!

Bible Reading – 11

Children’s Bible Reading – Week 10

The Israelite have been released after being in Egypt for 400 years! The journey to the Promised Land begins with Moses as their leader!

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Bible Reading – 10

Children’s Bible Reading – Week 9

Moses has been sent by God to request the release of the Egyptians–but Pharaoh refuses to let the Israelites go free. In week 9 we will be learning about the plagues God’s brings on the Egyptians. Bible Reading – 9

Children’s Bible Reading – 8

This week we study about the Israelites serving as slaves in Egypt. Bible Reading – 8