Update on Book Three!!


In the last six months we’ve witnessed firsthand how God has opened the door to the possibility of taking ‘The Encounter at Rock Pointe’ to the big screen. I’ve been amazed at the feedback of the staff at the media company, the producer, and the screenwriter. At times, I still find it hard to believe we are moving ahead with a screenplay. But, if God wants us to take this message of hope to the big screen, then I am ready to go! The objective for the movie project will remain the same as it has been for the book – to display the incredible love of our Heavenly Father and the hope we find in Him! He is the star! His name is the headliner! He gets the praise and glory from anything that might be accomplished in this endeavor!

Joy for Friday!

Shouting joy

I noticed one of the young ladies from our church family post this quote on Facebook, “Shouting it from the roof top!”

Her proclamation, based on the picture she attached to her post, was conveying how good God had been to her.

As I read the post, numerous emotions swept through my mind. First, I agreed with her and whispered under my breath, “Amen sister!” But then a sense of holy pride flowed over me. I was so excited for this young lady and her family! I’ve had the pleasure of watching the entire family blossom under the blessings of God!

Sheriff Adonai, The Encounter at Rock Pointe


I am excited to announce the release of, “Sheriff Adonai, The Encounter at Rock Pointe”! Let me take a moment to clearly explain what this book is about and how it came into existence.

In 2011 we released the first Sheriff Adonai book, “The Showdown at Rock Pointe”. The cover of that book depicted a sheriff and was a darker orange color. Then, in 2013, we released, “Sheriff Adonai, The Gift of the Stranger’s Necklace”. The Gift of the Stranger’s Necklace was the EXACT same story as “The Showdown at Rock Pointe”; we simply changed to a different publisher, so the name and the cover of the book had to change.

The Red Christmas Thread – by D. Keith Jones


A long time ago God Almighty was seated on His throne with a single bolt of yarn in his lap. With the delicate fibers of twine stretched through his fingers, He cast His eyes upon the ocean, using His personal reflection, brought forth from the surface of the waters, as a pattern for His latest endeavor. With the sun beaming down from the heavens, He designed a creation that would live with Him in sweet harmony and perfect fellowship.

They say we were created in His image—that we possess, while at a miniscule level by comparison, many of our Father’s attributes. Using the dust of the earth as a foundation, our Heavenly Father breathed life where there was nothing; as stitch by stitch, row by row, every detail of our earthly body was woven intricately into the DNA of our existence by the Master Craftsman.